2020-66-PA: it’s your money they’re wasting!

PA: it’s your money they’re wasting!

Hello friend,

Day 116…

(see blog 2020 – 40 – dpa) And so, this still trundles on…

I’ve attempted to be reasonable and invite the MoJ to negotiate my costs – they have been less reasonable – unreasonable, you might say. They’re sticking at offering me £50 costs. That £1.07 pe hour has gotten lower and lower since we settled the case.

I spent another 10 hours over this last week putting together a ‘bill of costs.’ They’ve now got 21 days to raise any points of dispute and include an offer. I’m not sure what a costs’ judge would say if the MoJ’s position remained the same. My prediction is that they will increase their offer. Well, the Civil Procedure Rules don’t support their argument, after all. The offer will still be too low and we’ll end up at a costs’ hearing with more public money being wasted by the MoJ paying a Barrister several hundred pounds to save less than their fee.

Whoever is making these decisions should have their employment reviewed.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 17th July 2020

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