Coronavirus: moving forward?

Hello friend,

Day 106…

… and we’re into stage 3 of our lockdown(see 2020 – 61). The only stage to the regime which seems to affect me is how they will unlock us Monday to Thursday. Up to now it’s been a controlled unlock fo showers and the phone – showers, cell, phone, cell but now, on a rota basis, half the landing will get out for 30 minutes fo their showers and phone call. This is going to be a mess – 30 minutes! You could conceivably end up with neither. Around 25 prisoners trying to get their shower when we only have 3 working on our landing. Even if they only take 10 minutes per shower, that’s 80 minutes – and then trying to get on the phone. Seven phones for 25 prisoners – you do the maths. Plus, how is this going to work around the exercise rota? Our wing is out on the yard first session today. This also means I’ll have to wait until much later for a shower 3 days out of 4 – which is when I get hot water so my flask doesn’t disappear., again. So, no cup of coffee fo breakfast.

This is so much worse than I thought. I’ve just had an officer explain the rota. Even though there are showers and phones available, and a lot of the wing are on exercise, I can’t get a shower or use the phone until they work their way up from the bottom landing after excercise returns. That’s going to take most of the day to get to the 3rd landing.

The most frustrating aspect of this is that we only got notice of this change at teatime yesterday. So, my mother is sitting at home expecting my phone call, but won’t get it until (hopefully) later on today when she is possibly going to be out.

Typically of the prison system, this is such an ill-conceived, poorly thought out plan.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts,7th July 2020

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