2020-61- coronavirus

2020 – 61 – coronavirus

Coronavirus: the beginning of the end…?

Hello friend,

Day 100…

I guess I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to write this blog on day 100! – wow! Only in the last few days we received the lockdown easing stages but no proposed timetable:

Stage 5: Complete Lockdown… an active outbreak ongoing that is not being contained by by late 4 lockdown. In this stage we’d have no time in the open air and meals would be served at our cell doors. We’ve never been in Stage 5 because we’re in…

“Stage 4 lockdown…” This appears to be due to the infections in the community and some other prisons rather than this prison – I’m only aware of one infection in this wing. We should be heading towards…

“Stage 3 Restrict… Community. At or transitionary to Alert Level 3 (epidemic in circulation) or be low… More inter – prison transfers possible, but still controlled. Highest priority areas of regime (e.g visits) can start to be reinstated with appropriate restrictions… Reintroduction of… Offending Behaviour Programmes, but with restrictions and adaptations”

Great on the transfer but still unlikely for my Scotland transfer to happen anytime soon. Also, great on the visits – I’ve got pending. Offending Behaviour Programmes!? You know me well enough by now.

I’ll keep you posted (albeit with a time lag).

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 1st July 2020

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