Coronavirus… and on and on

Hello friend

Day 91…

Wow! Twenty more days in lockdown since my last blog – 91 days? – that’s exactly 13 weeks – 3 months – a quarter of the year. I know some guys are not coping with this. The level of noise has increased, loud ‘boom-boom’ music and for the last couple of days there’s been 1 or 2 guys persistently banging on their doors. Of course, this annoys everyone else so then we get threats being shouted, other doors banged in anger and yet more even louder ‘boom-boom’ music to drown it all out! Then the guy who started the initial door banging, aftr getting the attention and response he wants, goes at it even more… and on and on…

Staff do very little to get control of the situation. Why would they? They’re not even on the wing at that point so it doesn’t bother them. What they don’t seem to get is that the next day daytime staff have to deal with some very angry prisoners. Then the staff get annoyed with the prisoners… and so and so…

You’d think that there has been no violence as we are locked up for most of the day – there has. I just surround myself with nice things to do, put my headphones on if I have to block out the noise and bed in my little ‘nest’.
Speaking of nice things…

… I bought a couple of CDs! Exclamation mark because I’ve not bought any in the 17 years I’ve been in prison. It always seemed like an extravagance to spend £10 -£20 when I get paid peanuts; however, I’ve recently realised that CDs now can be as little as £3 – £8. I’ve bought Robben Ford and John Scofield CDs – it’s part of my blues/jazz education. I’ve already ordered some more.

I did also order a small pocket DAB radio as I’ve not had a radio since I handed my last one out on a visit (thinking I was soon to be transferred to Scotland). Ubeknownst to me, the prison were only ordering ‘distraction’ items at that time – CDs, DVDs, books and computer games. Well, I’ve not got a games console as a ‘distraction’ so you’d think they’d at least let me have a radio! I think the ordering restrictions have been lifted so I’ll give it another go.

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 22nd June 2020

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