Coronavirus: having fun?!

Hello friend, (still) Day 71…

Wow, day 71! I was told this could go on like this in here for several more weeks. I believe that. One prisoner confirmed that he had tested positive for the virus when he was ill a few weeks ago. There are others who are quarantined. I’ve no idea of the full extent at the moment.

This could explain why – on day 70 – I had 2 nurses at my door offering ‘shielding’ for me as I am in the high-risk group. This would’ve meant being behind my door for 3 days at a time before being allowed a shower and phone call. I politely declined. They then asked me to sign a form to confirm ‘shielding’ had been offered. It said something like ‘I am aware that I am at a high-risk of becoming unwell and have refused to be ‘shielded’. I paraphrase. As soon as they left, I joined the dots and regretted signing the form. I believe that this was the prison service’s attempt at a legal disclaimer to protect them from being sued by prisoners who contract the virus (or the families of prisoners who die from the virus). One problem, social distancing is not being properly observed by staff. This has led to the virus infecting, at least, one prisoner. It would be interesting to see how the MoJ would go about a case such as this.

Things are ticking over in much the same way. I have a few blog threads to update but most of my legal issues have come to a near standstill. I’ll keep chipping away.

How are you guys doing?!

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 2nd June 2020

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