Secret Barrister: …bunting and tinsel!

Hello friend,

Day 39…

About a year ago I was recommended a book written by ‘The Secret Barrister’ – the title eludes me. I did promise to put up a blog about this book in my reply to the comment post – sorry for the delay.

The Secret Barrister is a barrister (duh!) who writes an award winning anonymous blog about the judicial system. Their book exposes the many flaws – underfunding, lack of resources, lack of preparation time, the vultures, accusers and accused both being failed, judges long past retirement and CPS and police operate (bunting and tinsel)of great interest.

I went from shock to laughter (very witty) to despair to anger, and back again. Even though I’ve experienced much of what has been described – the pantomime of two high – profile trials which had nothing to do with truth and ‘justice’ (the jackals circling for their pound of flesh from their weakened quarry) – I still found many aspects astounding and disgraceful.

Get this book!

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 1st May 2020

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