2020-37-DPA Subject Access Requests

DPA Subject Access Requests

Hello friend,

Day 22…

Case 3: Connected to my asthma attack case, I made a SAR last year for a copy of the Control Room’s calls to and from staff. How many calls had been made? I certainly didn’t know. My understanding was that Healthcare received a ‘Hotel 5 call’ from ‘control’ and later directly from the Print Shop. I was also led to believe that the Print Shop made several calls as did the officer waiting to move me.

The first response to the SAR was that the MoJ did not have access to details of observation book entries.” Huh? Not what I asked for. They then told me they had enclosed my £10 cheque – I never sent a cheque! They gave me instructions on how to make medical data requests. It’s almost like they hadn’t even bothered to read my SAR.

I complained. They then claimed that they would ” have to identify information from a number of business areas, including establishments.” Huh? I requested one document from one department in one establishment. This was going true to form.

Next… they claimed that Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Services (HMPPS) did not hold the information. Huh? I complained again (and also to the ICO – again, a waste of time). Were they claiming that HMP Wakefield did not have a ‘control room’? Or, they did did not keep a log of every call they made and received ? Was it that they had not made or received any call regarding my asthma attack on that day?

Final response: “HMPPS provided further copies [further copies?] of the archive manual records for the Control Room Log and also the Control Room Radio Log… I can confirm there is no information relating to you on them.”

Putting to one side all of the MoJ’s further DPA breaches – their incompetence, not meeting the 30 day period to fulfil my request and then denying that HMPPS held the information – Huh? It made no sense. A medical emergency not being noted on either of the Control Room Logs? Several calls in and out and none logged?

Laziness, incompetence or something more… ? Maybe, no calls were made?

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 14th April 2020

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