2020-31-Organ donor: Why don’t you harvest me?

Organ Donor: Why don’t you harvest me?

Hello friend,

Day 16…

Quite some time ago (2018-45) I investigated the possibility of becoming an organ donor. The prison told me that prisoners cannot be organ donors – it’s a matter of ethics – whatever that means. Is it ethical to let someone die instead of allowing a prisoner to donate a life-saving organ? That sounds like a god complex.

Anyway, several weeks ago I saw Matt Hancock (Health Secretary) on breakfast news bemoaning the lack of organ donors. That re-ignited my interest. I wrote a letter directly to him offering one of my kidneys, a lobe of my liver and (possibly) some of my bone marrow – I hear this donation is very painful. I wrote ” Mr Hancock, if there is a shortage of organs,I would be grateful if you could organise for me to be a living donor. Forget about social moves, people are dying every day; my organs are healthy and available.”

I suspect he’s more than got his hands full right now. If he ever replies, I’ll let you know.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 8th April 2020

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