2020 – 30 – heart

Heart: what a pain in the chest (groan)

Hello friend,

Day 15…

(see 2019-69 + 70) The British Heart Foundation (BHF) responded to my question as to ‘stable angina not causing an increased mortality risk’ – they didn’t know where this cardiologist was coming from. Common sense tells you that angina is a symptom of a problem – a problem that causes early death. The question is: why would this cardiologist make such a claim? I’m going to refer him to the General Medical Council. I’m just waiting to hear back from the BHF on what other non-invasive tests his hospital provides – then I can ask why he has never offered any of them as an alternative to an angiogram. I’m also waiting on another telemeds consult. (the 3rd) with another cardiologist.

Until they closed the gym, I was doing 10,000 metre rows using the 500 metre interval program. I’d worked out a way of training that limited the angina pain. It’s a sort of pyramid. I go really slow for the first 500 metres and slowly speed up for each subsequent one. Once the angina kicks in, I’ll start slowing the rest of the 500 metres intervals down until I hit 10,000 metres. It’s only painful for that apex and only for a few minutes. I know, the medics would advise that you completely stop if you get angina…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 7th April 2020

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