2020 – 17 – appeal

Appeal: groan… how much longer?

Hello friend,

Day 3…

My last blog (2019 – 18) was June last year – over 9 months ago! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you lose time in here.

Things have progressed. I’ve got one of the most respected (University) Miscarriage of Justice Review Centres assisting my solicitor. They’ve already made contact with me. I’m hopeful that they will be able to move things forward but I have learned to manage my expectations.

We’ve also got an award winning investigative journalist looking at my case papers. Again, I manage my expectations but I hope it will lead to fresh evidence.

Given the current situation, I expect little work will be done over the next few weeks. I cannot see any possibility for a CCRC application this year ,(big sigh).

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 26th March 2020.

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