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2018-67-50s+ Club

50s+ Club Hello friend, I’ve started going to the 50s+ club. Oh, my word! I’m the baby of the group. It’s only because you’re allowed one ‘nice to do’ off work per week and I’ve not had any for months; plus, they play Scrabble in there. Mm, that’s not made me appear any younger, has
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2018-66-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, (see blog 64) I’ve written to Inside Time. I felt I needed to add an extra stage onto my ‘guide’: get everything agreed in writing. I’ve included details of the CD issue; the broken agreement (or ‘promise’). I’ve also highlighted the proposals the prison made to the Arts Council which still
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2018-64-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, In response to my guide to producing a rock opera in prison (in the March Issue of Inside Time), a prisoner wrote (in the May Issue of Inside Time): “…I would like to congratulate Graham Coutts and his fellow inmates on their roaring success. I can say it has been a
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Rant Hello friend, Following from the last blog…it is mildly irritating when I see actors using inhalers incorrectly. Don’t immediately breath out, hold your breath for 10 seconds, otherwise it won’t work! Be happy, be safe. Graham Coutts, 18th July 2018