2019 – 80 – servery

Servery: please sir, can I have more…

Hello friend,

Actually, I’m not bothered about ‘more’, just ‘some’ would be a start.

There’s been an issue brewing with all the library and gym workers for quite some time. We work evening shifts through our association. How this works; we get unlocked at 5pm (or more usually, up to 10 minutes after) and get called for the library anywhere between 5:10pm and 5:20pm. This gives us no time to pick up and eat a hot meal. This problem has been further compounded by one member of staff not allowing us to pick up our meals first; we are forced to wait around 10 minutes more before getting our meal.

There have been shifts where I’ve had to go to work on an empty stomach or attempt to wolf down a scalding hot meal (giving myself first degree burns in the process), or come back to a meal which is no longer hot. Under Prison Rules the prison have to provide us with one hot meal per day.

The situation recently got a whole lot worse after a wing manager made a directive which meant every member of staff would not allow us to pick up our meal first – I referred the matter to the No. 1 Governor. The wing manager denied what I had been told, by several staff, what his directive had been; the issue was sorted, the wing was briefed.

Do they not realise, their mistreatment of prisoners is not a reflection of who that prisoners is as a human being but a reflection of their own lack of humanity.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 21st December 2019

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