2019 – 71 – transfer

Transfer: How was your faeces and razor blade pie?

Hello friend,

I spied a couple of articles about Scottish prisons in this month’s Inside Time:

“Contamination at the hotplate

A prisoner was eating his food a tooth in it … a duty governer came and told us it wasn’t a tooth but a piece of plastic [is that any better] … We have had human faeces, shoes, chemicals, razor-blades and many other foreign objects put into our food [yummy]…”

This is a prison where ‘the main’ are employed in the kitchen and cook food for prisoners who cannot be located on the main wing due to their offence, debt or other vulnerabilities. This is how it was at HMP Frankland. I eventually stopped eating off the servery and cooked all my own food. It wiped out my prison wages every week and my association time was spent in the landing kitchen, but it was worth it to avoid contaminated food; plus, my food was so much healthier and tastier than the high volume rubbish that gets churned out out of prison kitchens.

On a side note; this place had a visit from Environmental Health the other day. They are not allowed to turn up unannounced, so that gave the kitchen plenty of time to furiously clean and get the place up to standard. I’m sure they get a glowing report; well, so would your high street grease burger joint if they had notice of a visit by Environmental Health.

If I end up at a prison like the one above, I’m not sure if Scottish prisons pay enough for me to cook for myself, or have the facilities. It’s a concern.

Still, if the second article is anything to go by, I’ll never get up there:

“Scotland buys more prison places

…the Scottish government have been forced to give the Scottish Prison Service £6 million to buy extra places [at private prisons] … Scotland’s prisons are close to breaking point [so am I!] …”

One day…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 16th November 2019

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