2019 – 63 – TV


hello friend,

…and at the end of the day when we’re kicking back with all (supposed) luxuries we have in here, we can stick on the TV and watch one of the Freeview channels or put on a DVD; or, for some (but not me), play some time and mind sapping game on the Playstation.

Here’s the thing about our TVs – it costs us a £1 per week (5-10% of our wages – would you pay that percentage out of your wages each week?). Word on the street was that a prisoner had challenged this in court, where it was ruled an unlawful charge. For 3 weeks, we didn’t get charged but the £1 debit has reappeared – what’s the real story? No idea.

It is interesting to note that the TV licence for this prison is around £1500 (or so I’ve been told) but they make around £700 per week from this charge – that’s £36,400 per year! I’ve paid over £800 myself since coming to prison. That’s money which could have gone into a fund to help rebuilding my life upon release; the same goes for every other prisoner.

Will sense ever prevail?

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 20th October 2019

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