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Hello friend,

Nearly there…

The next day and I’m still being forced to attend work – hard to believe, right?

The previous evening, I’d asked an officer to find out from healthcare what they were proposing to do – he told me no-one responded. On this morning, I asked him again and, again, no-one responded.

Here’s where it gets interesting and a little bit sinister: on my return to the wing, I was told of a conversation between that officer and nurse x which took place the same morning. The officer had enquired if there “he” could see the doctor about his back because “he” was in distress. She replied – and I quote the information I was given: “He doesn’t need to see a doctor, there’s nothing wrong with him but don’t tell him ‘I’ said that.”

Well, where to start… firstly, this confirmed my suspicions that she had been manipulating staff to further her own agenda of obstructing and hindering my care and treatment. Secondly, by doing so, she was breaching medical confidence.

In the afternoon, I was discussing this conversation with the officer – there were no denials – and told him that I felt the only option available was for me to take an emergency judicial review – just to get a GP appointment. He said he was going to make a phone call – which I took to mean Healthcare management.

Oh, no…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 28th September 2019

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