2019 – 49 – nmc

2019 – 49 – nmc


Hello friend,

For the next week, without the sick note that nurse X could have given me, I was forced to attend work under threat of being placed on report. My condition significantly worsened that week: dizziness; nausea; ‘wobbly’ legs; and, chronic fatigue – it felt like my body was shutting down. So what do they do? They force me to move cell.

On that particular day, I already asked for a nurse to attend; however, I made it clear that I did not want to see nurse X. I went back to my cell and flopped onto my bed. Another senior officer (SO) came to my door to get me to move cell – he already knew I was unwell – his lack of empathy was all too apparent. I wasn’t able to move let alone move my property into another cell.

A few minutes later, I heard my name being called over the P.A. system – the voice sounded impatient. Due to my dizziness, I was not going to risk the stairs. Another call – more impatient. I had not entertained the possibility that the voice was the one nurse I had asked not to attend – but here she was , now in my cell. My stress levels went into overload. Her demeanour was hostile. I told her that I was not willing to discuss my condition with her and asked her to send another nurse. She told me that I could not “pick and choose” who I see – well, actually under law, I can choose – then claimed that she was the only one available. Really? In the entire prison, in the middle of the afternoon? She turned on her heel.

I now had the SO and one of the Custody Manager’s (CM) at my door with an implied threat of placing me on report. I told them I was not refusing to move, I was too unwell. I was being moved to accomodate another prisoner – there were 25+ Cat A cells they could have used – this raises the question what did the nurse X say to the SO and CM for them to behave with such scant disregard for my health and welfare? This was more dehumanising than when I had my heart attack in 2013 (see past blogs). In the end, they got a couple of wing cleaners to move my property.

I waited, sitting on the edge of my new bed, in a near catatonic state, for another nurse to attend. Can you guess what happened? Nothing. No nurse appeared during association or after lock-up to check up on my condition. It’s clear that nurse X had more than a little to do with this and my mistreatment from senior staff.

This whole incident was humilitating, distressing and degrading.

Be happy, be save and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 26 September 2019

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