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Hello friend,

NMC? It stands for the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Why NMC? Read on…

By March, I had been dutifully going to work (in the library) for 5 months with debilitating symptoms (and 4 months of the coughing illness). I asked myself this question: “Why am I putting myself through this for a prison who pays me peanuts and won’t provide me the most basic healthcare?” i’d had enough.

I went to see a nurse at the (medication dispensing) hatch to discuss being signed off work. Unfortunately, this was the nurse who diagnosed my heart attack as anxiety – a favourite diagnosis; plus, I had witnessed,and experienced, on several ocassions, her lack of compassion towards her patients. Yes, that’s right – patients; that’s exactly how European law dictates we should be treated by medical staff.

Immediately, I knew what she was going to be difficult; I told her I would not discuss this with her due to my previous experience of her lack of competence. As you can imagine, this went down like a lead balloon. Fortunately, I had a senior officer witnessing the conversation. I told her I would be happy to speak to another nurse – there were several available. She told me to put my ‘sick note’ on an application. Great…

By this point, I had already made a complaint to Healthcare about the delay in accessing a GP appointment; senior management were investigating and had asked me to inform them of any further relevant information. So, in addition to the application, I also submitted my acccount of my interaction with this nurse.

This was the start of ‘the great unpleasatness.’ Read on…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 22nd September 2019

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