2019-40-Category A

019 – 40 – category a

Category A

Hello friend,

…and where to start?

At the beginning of the year, a senior member of staff admitted to me that I would not be progressed through my sentence unless I did an ‘offence-focussed’ course. The only course that is currently being touted for prisoners who are ‘in denial’ (their words) is Kaizen (and another called Horizon); neither of these courses are ‘offence- focussed’. Therefore, even if I did this course, I would not be progressed. I also concluded that both of these courses are a continuing waste of public money if ‘deniers’cannot be progressed. It appears to be another money making scam. When confronted with this undeniable logic , that member of staff’s face dropped as he ralised that he had inadvertently revealed the truth.

Only a few short months after my Cat A review I received the report dossier for my next Cat A review. It’s never happened this quickly before; a little too quick as my solicitor had been arranging an Independent Psychologist’s report on my ‘risk’ (problem 1)

True to form, as I perused the dossier, I came across some issues: reports referred to me being employed by the Print Shop – I’ve not worked there since June last year – so that information is well out of date (problem 2); the report from the Offender Management Unit (OMU) was top class example of a ‘cut and paste’ report writing, with no actual work from the author – it was a near carbon copy of their last report – I cannot even recall meeting with the author for their report (something they claim we did) – the report even had the objective for me to complete a psychology course which has since been withdrawn due to its failure(!); (problem 3) then there was a ‘Sentence Planning’ report dated 15th January 2018 – so out of date and a duplicate report from my last Cat A review (problem 4).

I’ve saved the best until last: the Security report. There was one piece of (what they call) ‘intelligence’ under the “Threats, bullying, conditioning of staff” category: “17.03.19. Threats to nursing staff re: sick note.”

WHAT(problem 5)!!

The story continues…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 21st September 2019

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