2019-29-Asthma Attack

Hello friend

Here we go again… I’ve now served my pre-action letter of claim against The Governor of HMP Wakefield and Care UK (the private healthcare provider). Both have now sent their acknowledgment letter and will be giving me their full response in around 3 months.

Having been here many times before (this is my 10th case as a litigant in person), I want you to see that it is not prisoners but the MoJ who waste public money on these cases. I have offered to resolve this case before issuing my claim.Yes, this would involve some damages but split between both parties. The drafting of their defence alone would probably cost them more than a settlement at this stage. It might only be a few hundred pounds each, now instead tens of thousands of pounds of your taxes in another failed and desperate attempt to defend their position.

My predication is that Care UK will see sense in settling this case now but the MoJ will want to defend, paying their solicitor £200… £300 per hour. Of course, it won’t be their money they will be wasting , so why would they care?

be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 2nd July 2019

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