Hello friend,

… and this is how I keep moving forward…

So what’s been happening since my last blog (2018-46)… over a year ago?! Really?! Wow?! My languages went from 10 to 5 to 3 to 2 – Polish and Spanish. By the end of the year I had a 1000 word vocabularly in Polish and a load of phrases under my belt – “coffee and muffin…muffin?”

The New Year brought about a rethink as my screenplay had not progressed. I decided to get a few things out of the way and prepare my asthma attack civil case in the first 6 months; done. The languages have been suspended until I finish my screenplay during the second 6 months of this year.

I’ve actually got quite a few projects lined up for the remainder of my prison time: languages (of course); developing
‘The 4 lives of Jimmy G’ into a 2 hour+ musical; moving my guitar playing up to the next level; putting together a guitar course; some more Open University courses; and, 3 or 4 books I want to write. Does all this sound ridiculous? That’s not even the full list!

There’s plenty of time to commit to one or 2 projects a year…right?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 11th June 2019

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