2019 – 15 – heart


Hello friend,

A little two-part catch up on last years blogs (2018-31, 2018-45, 2018-55.

After seeing the first cardiologist (who wasn’t interested), I was booked in for a telemeds consult; this was cancelled several times before it finally happened in July (4th attempt). It initially went better: he offered me a CT scan; before degenerating into a battle over medication. Like most cardiologist he loved pharmaceuticals; I don’t. To my body, they are poison and leave me feeling like crap…every day. I’m not going to put any drug into my body and go through such horrible side effects when the ‘experts’ cannot guarantee that these chemicals are of any benefit to me, whatsoever.

After going round in circles, with the cardiologist getting more and more frustrated with me, he attempted to blackmail me into taking his drugs. He told me that if I was not going to take the prescibed heart medication he would not be providing me with the CT scan; the one he had only moments before promised. Well, you can imagine how I reacted; the telemeds consult was terminated soon after.

Third cardiologist: only a couple of months ago I had another (and unexpected) telemeds consult. Once again, I got the whole ‘how great drugs are’ spiel and that ‘statins would reduce my risk by 50% – what does that even mean? It’s such a non-statistic. Have they become soothsayers? Are they using magic? I’ll deal with with these misleading ‘statistics’ in the second part to this blog: suffice to say, it’s a con – most likely perpetrated by Big Pharma. This consult went nowhere, again.

The good news is my angina is much improved through diet and exercise; gosh… and no drugs… how is that even possible? (I feel that the sarcasm of my youth is creeping back into old age – I think I am going to end up cantankerous.)

Be happy, be safe (and don’t believe the hype).
Graham Coutts, 25th April 2019

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