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Appeal Hello friend, I’ve been misinformed: Lancaster University Innocence Project hasn’t drawn a blank with the expert, as I was previously told. In fact, they’ve identified several possible candidates. The experts look like they are all from other countries; maybe, some from Eastern Europe and some from a Spanish country, perhaps South America? Whatever the
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2017-159-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, There’s yet more strange and unhelpful behaviour going on from management. I asked the Print Shop instructor for a hard copy of my whole score for ‘The 4 Lives of Jimmy G’. He had been instructed that all arts project printing now had to be authorised by management. Why? It’s not
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Adaptor Hello friend, Hurrah! After over a year, I’ve finally got a new adaptor for my radio. Oh, the sweet sound of 6 MUSIC, Planet Rock (other radio stations available). Why, oh why did that need to be so complicated? Be happy, be safe. Graham Coutts, 12th November 2017


Epiphany Hello friend, I’ve had a bit of an epiphany. I’ve wasted so much time over the past 10 years or so battling with these people. That’s not to say that the issues weren’t worth fighting, only that it has got me nowhere. For example, one might think correcting negative file inaccuracies would assist in
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Smell! Hello friend, There must be some primeval danger alert from horrible smells. One such horrible smell woke me up in the middle of the night. It was a cross between vomit and faeces. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Come the following morning and the smell had permeated throughout our entire wing
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2017-154-Category A (review)

Category A (review) Hello friend, I got a reply back to my complaint (see blog 139). They have postponed the internal review (LAP) of my Category A status pending fresh up to date reports.. Let’s see how many more inaccuracies Psychology and Security include Be happy, be safe. Graham Coutts, 11th November 2017

2017-151-Campaign Site

Campaign Site Hello friend, You may have noticed that some of the blogs have been posted out of chronological order and some blogs are missing. This has been partly due to holding back the Arts Project blogs until we had performed the shows. Unfortunately, when all the Arts Project blogs were sent for posting a
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