2018-9-Sentence Plan

Sentence Plan – 2018 – 9

Hello friend,

My sentence plan this year was a very informal affair. I stopped myself this time from preparing; it saved me a couple of hours which would have been wasted.

There were 3 negative security entries used (called significant issues – ha!):

“16/03/17 – Attended choir group prior to being authorised.” Well, not quite accurate. The Print Shop instructor arranged this with the choirmaster; as far as I was aware they had cleared this. Here we are again; yet more misleading and inaccurate information.

“25/09/17 – Informed other prisoners that the Library & Education would be closed on certain days to facilitate’his show’.”
You’ve got to laugh at the sheer incompetence, dishonesty and ludicrousness of these pitiful, pathetic and petty entries. I know who submitted this one. Firstly, I’ve never referred to the show as ‘my show’; I’ve always gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone is aware that it was a team effort. Those that know me, know of my lack of ego and non-interest in seeking the approval of others. Secondly, one of the Education managers told me that she was considering closing Education to allow staff to attend. Thirdly, the person who submitted this told the team only a few days before that the Library would be shut. So, I get misinformed by staff and one of those who misinforms me submitted a negative information report to Security; how malicious and petty.

“26/09/17 – Became angry and aggressive during a conversation with the Chaplain.” (see blog 132) Finally, an IR which is close to accurate as they hve ever got. They can have this one with my compliments; although, I wasn’t aggressive. The last 2 IRs reveal more about the person who submitted them than they do about me.

Do you also note the irony: I put my heart and soul into this project; a project that enriched the prison community, financially benefited the prison and brought them significant kudos and what do I get? Instead of a “thanks for all your hard work,” I get 3 negative security entries (2 of which are misleading and inaccurate).

I won’t be challenging any of them. I’ve come to realise just how unimportant these are to my life. Let them continue to show themselves to be what they are: dishonest, malicious and petty, with a complete lack of perspective: ‘significant issues’?!

Be happy, be safe.-
Graham Coutts, 20th January 2018

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