2018-6- Mr Grumpy

Mr Grumpy – 2018 – 6

Hello friend,

I’m surrounded by people with no social skills.

One of my neighbours came to my cell to ask for a favour. I obliged and also did him another good turn. How did he thank me? By insulting me. He called me “grumpy”.. Whilst there is more than a grain of truth in this,most of the time I’m just focused on whatever is I’m doing at that time; misinterpretation of emotions is a common trait of some prisoners (and people).

Anyway, that’s not the point…he was offensive and I let him know that I was not happy with this; I still did him the favour.

This came off the back of another incident this week. Some of the guys in the Print Shop do very little work. They turn up and do crosswords and talk loudly. Two of them were having a loud conversation across the room, which was distracting me from my work; I politely suggested that, if they are going to have a conversation, they should sit next to each other. I was subjected to a barrage of abuse and aggression from one of them.


be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 14th January 2018

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