2018 – 52 – arts project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

The latest news: finally, a produced and mixed copy of the shows has been delivered to the prison; however, despite the recordings sitting on one of the Print Shop’s computers, I am not allowed to listen to it. What possible reason is there to not allow me to listen to the recording; I was at the shows! The farce continues.

The project governor has put in writing that the team will be having a listening/viewing session of the audio/or visual recordings, hopefully by start of next month.

Despite it not being my intention, I was convinced to submit the written score of the rock opera into the Koestler Competition. I’ve entered it with the guy who did most of the work on the string score. Now I’ve done this, I’d also like to submit 4 other entries from the recordings into the performance (my performance of one of the characters) and singer/songwriter categories; but, of course, to enable me to do so would require the Koestler judge to come into the prison.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 25th April 2018

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