2018-32-Arts Project

Arts Project,

Hello friend,

So, the Arts Project? How much progress since the January meeting? Well, I received a memo from the new project governor. I expectantly opened the envelope thinking his introduction to me (we’ve never met) would be something positive about the team’s achievement… oh, no. It was hostile and oppressive.

He had clearly been poisoned against me by the previous project governor and his manager, who had briefed him. He made this ridiculous claim;

“I understand that it has been made very clear to you that any requests you wish to make in regard to supporting your Koestler entry must be submitted to either [the Writer in Residence] or [the Musician in Residence] who will in turn discuss such requests with other managers within the Reduced Re-Offending function. Clearly, by writing direct to [the manager], you have chosen not to comply to the directive.”

(See blog 10) It seems he is referring to the memo I sent the manager, which I copied to the previous project governor, the No. 1 governor, and the 2 ‘in Residence’ guys. The memo containing what actions were left to take to complete the project for the team’s Koestler entry. The memo which the previous project governor and the manager asked me to provide them with at the meeting we had in January. So yet again, they’ve set me up. I follow their instructions, as ridiculous as they were, including sending an application to the Musician in Residence with the urgent actions (no reply received) and I am accused of not complying with ‘directive’.

He then continues their obsession with copyright and states:

“. In terms of copyright, you may have a legitimate claim for work you were solely responsible for.
. The performance as a whole is owned by HMP Wakefield”

As I am going over my 1/2 page max. I will condense my more elaborate explanation as to why his interpretation of copyright law is misconceived by simply saying: really?

He next reverses what what was agreed at the January meeting regarding what we could do with the DVD and the photographs.

I’ve really had enough of these people, their dishonesty, hostility and oppressiveness. My response was to put in writing that I am withdrawing my services from this project but offered to discuss further with the new project governor should he wish. He didn’t wish; which should tell you all you need to know.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 8th March 2018

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