Hello friend,

(sigh)…Where to start…yet again, despite my best efforts to isolate myself from 99% of the prison poulation, my (relative) equinimity has been troubled.

Whilst I am unable to go into the full details, at this stage, a few weeks ago I was behind a prisoner in the dinner queue; about 6 feet away from this guy. He flinched and looked accusingly at me; then did it again:”What was that?” he said. His behaviour irritated me somewhat as it was clear clear he was implying that I had something to do with what he allegedly felt. I told him, ill temperedly, that I had no idea; I just want a quiet life where no-one in here gets in my business.

Since then, the handful of times I’ve ended up behind him he’s waved me past; I chose to ignore him.

A few days ago, the queue was short, so I entered it from the front; this takes a little manoeuvering. Well, this guy was at the front and was walking forward whilst looking behind (real bug bear of mine in here), so I had to squeeze past him; still no contact made. He immediately started moaning to the guy next to him about me always trying to touch him!

As you can imagine, I was not happy : “deep breaths, Graham.”

Why don’t these people just stick to their own business and leave others to go about theirs in peace?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 17th February 2018

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