Monthly Archives: December 2017

2017-107-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, Nearly there with the score. Only 2 more string arrangements to finish. Phew! Project Instrumental will probably be coming in to rehearse with us at the end of the month. They’ll be note perfect and we’ll be…mmm? All of the ideas for the set cubes have been agreed. They’ve all been
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2017-106-Campaign Site

Campaign Site Hello friend, It seems my site is down at the moment. The webmaster suspects that the problem has been caused by a virus; maybe, malware. Further investigations are underway. Unfortunately, you will not get to know this as I cannot post this blog. Chicken and egg. Hopefully, the current situation will not last
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Psychology Hello friend, Following on from my last blog on this (103), the prisoners newspaper Inside Time ran a story entitled “SOPT bombshell”. It was written by a Dr Robert Forde. He stated that the research done by the MOJ, which showed that prisoners who completed the SOPT programme showed a 10% rate of re-offending
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