Monthly Archives: May 2017

2017-60-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, After being stood up on the Saturday afternoon Governor […] made an appearance on the Sunday afternoon. He had been required in another part of the prison but had left a message with an officer on the wing to let me know he couldn’t make it and would see me the
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2017-58-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, So, the next day (Friday afternoon) Governor […] came to the wing to discuss the various issues. He opened with being “disappointed” that I felt the project was not being supported. I’m not sure why he would think this when there has been little or no communication and we have had
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2017-56-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, Another twist: At teatime on the day of our morning rehearsal (Thursday), I received a response to my letter from the No. 1 Governor. He impressed upon me that he was “supportive of this initiative and keen to see its successful conclusion.” Unfortunately, he couldn’t progress the issue until the following
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2017-59-14 Years

14 Years Hello friend, There are a number of distressing anniversaries around March and April. Tomorrow will be 14 years from when I was arrested. Bar a couple of nights in between the first and second arrest, that will be 14 years in prison. I’ mindful of how difficult this period must be for other
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2017-57-My Birthday

My Birthday Hello friend, I just wanted to wish myself a happy birthday. So, happy birthday Graham. Aw, thank you, I didn’t think you’d remember; did you get me anything? I got a little birthday feast. How sweet of you. I’m 49, by the way. I know what you’re thinking: I don’t believe it. You
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2017-55-Band Night

Band Night Hello friend, Another consequence of the arts project debacle is that my heart is now not into playing my music; so, I have stepped down from the prison band collective. Be happy, be safe (don’t get depressed: make decisions that will change your life for the better). Graham Coutts, 23rd April 2017

2017-54-Print Shop

Print Shop Hello friend, At the beginning of the year I was made a ‘production key worker’. I was told that I would get paid an extra £3 per week. This did not happen. Because of this and the involvement of certain parties who are connected to the Print Shop blocking me from doing any
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2017-52-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, Where to start, where to start? It certainly has been an interesting week. So, by this week’s rehearsal I still hadn’t had a reply from the No. 1 Governor and no-one had come to discuss the various issues. I took the decision to pull the plug on the whole project. The
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2017-51-Stopped Mail

Stopped Mail Hello friend, Last year I was contacted by a university lecturer in criminology. He was conducting an academic project into life sentenced prisoners. We exchanged a few letters without issue. However, in August, 2 of his letters to me were stopped by Security and withheld. Their reason was that he did not have
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