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2017-47-Music files

Music Files (civil case) Hello friend, New trial dates: 10:30 am., 10th May 2017. Unfortunately, I’ll be appearing by video link; not a satisfactory way to cross-examine their witnesses. Not a level playing field. Be happy, be safe (and cross your fingers for me). Graham Coutts, 8th April 2017

2017-46-Arts Project

Arts Project Another week lost in the ether of time. Still had no-one come to discuss the various issues: something the Deputy Governor looked surprised about as she had spoken to the departmental governor. So, we had a 90 minute meeting on the rehearsal morning to discuss whether or not it was worth continuing. Some
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Media Hello friend, The Metro have refused to include in their correction that they fabricated quote from me and print an apology. I will now refer this to IPSO. The Daily Star hasn’t even bothered to reply to my complaint so that will also go to IPSO. I’ve also written to The Sun about a
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Safety Hello friend, This is not the original blog I sent out – it was stopped by Security. They quoted Section 11.3 (a) (iii) of PSI 40/ 2011 (Prisoner Communication Services): “Information which is known or believed to be false”. The blog concerned some recent violent and drug related incidents. I am not sure what
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Appeal Hello friend, I wish I could give you a more substantial update but I can’t. We’re still waiting on advice from counsel and the forensics expert. They’re both working pro bono on my case so (understandably) this is taking time. Unfortunately, this is adding to my current slightly negative frame of mind; not like
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2017-42-Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage Hello friend, I finally had my nerve conductivity test done at the hospital. Cue lots of electric shocks, involuntary muscle spasms and unexpected use of acupuncture type needles. The consultant conducting the test wouldn’t tell me anything until she had analysed the data. I should know more in a few weeks. Be happy,
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2017-40-Family Day

Family Day Hello friend, My Mother visited me on Family Day. These are more relaxed and longer visits with activities to do (bingo and quizzes), and a buffet made by prisoners who work in the staff diner. This is all good; however, the day was really brought down by a guy who attended from the
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