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IPSO sent me yet another Metro to publish a clarification. They still don’t admit to publishing a fabricated quote and their apology is still vague. The Daily Star had also responded to IPSO but still with no offer to publish a clarification.

I’ve found, since I’ve been going to IPSO, that there is always an air of desperation from newspapers when they try to justify their stories: “a reasonable interpretation of his comments”; Mr Coutts’ [sic] clear wish to return home”; “by inference this was his
‘top choice’ for which prison he wished to be transferred to.”

For the record: whist I was born in Scotland, I moved to England when I was 10 years old. I moved to Brighton when I was 20 and remained there for the next 15 years until my incarceration. I consider Brighton and Hove to be my home. Further, I don’t have a top choice of prison in Scotland; how could I, I’ve only been to one, HMP Edinburgh, which would not be my top choice as the activities and the facilities are really poor for a lifer who is located on a segregated landing (which is where they put me). In fact, I was interested in HMP Shotts; however, the Scottish Prison Service informed me that there are 3 possible options, Shotts not being one of them.

Finally, I was not born in Leven, Fife, Scotland, as all of the down market newspapers keep printing. This shows their laziness; one of them prints an inaccuracy and the rest follow like sheep. Is it too much to ask that out of all the inaccuracies, lies and fabrications they at least get my birthplace correct? I was born in Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland. Let’s see if any of them correct this if they publish any further articles in the future.

Be happy, be safe (and bring some joy into the world instead of pedalling hate and lies).

Graham Coutts, 1st July 2017

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