Christmas Concert

Hello friend,

Our end of year Christmas concert was unusual. Normally there are several big, rock numbers; not this time. It was all very laid back and polite. Although, I did a Foo Fighters medley of 3 numbers (The Pretender, Times like These and The best of you) with some of the guys; I felt like I had to apologise for our incongruous interruption.

It was all a little tame for my taste. The No. 1 Governor did a song by The Script and one of the Managers did an Amy Winehouse number. It all helps to promote a more harmonious and safer environment.

This week we unexpectedly got a bonus – E4 was added; although, I think it was a sweetener as the wages are about to be changed and some guys will be getting paid less; the lazy ones.

Be happy, be safe.

Graham Coutts, 22nd January 2017.

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