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I was back in with the choir this week. I think some of them feel a little intimidated by the prospect of their participation in the rock opera; however, once they understood that they will only be on about half of the numbers, and only singing parts of each song, you could feel a palpable sense of relief. They got even more confident when we ran through a couple of their parts. Once they get a little more confident, it’s going to be great.

There’s only been one slightly fractious incident in the rehearsals so far; this week saw the second. Unfortunately, I became a little impatient with one of the guys, due to my anxiety at the lack of time we have (15 weeks, eek!), and this spiralled into him quitting; he walked out. I was not a happy bunny. Fortunately, once I got back on the wing and we had a conversation it was all resolved. I think it was a combination of the pressure I’m under and his own anxieties about the performance aspect. As one of the guys said. it wouldn’t be theatre without someone walking out.

The rehearsal itself was frustrating as the keyboard player was having to be directed on what sounds were needed and what to play; he’s only a beginner. This slowed everything down at a point where we should be running the set, start to finish.

I ran through (quite literally) the opening number as one of the characters. It’s not easy to sing whilst running, jumping, dancing (weirdly) and gurning; this character suffers from mania. Maybe not a stretch when I was in my twenties but now…I’m old!

Be happy, be safe (and find your inner child, its fun).

Graham Coutts, 9th June 2017

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