2017-72-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

Another great rehearsal. The guys learnt the final 4 numbers. We spent a bit of time on the first 2 before squeezing in the other 2 in the final few minutes. I feel like the band are starting to click. They are really making the songs come alive.

Unexpectedly, we had about a dozen or more staff come in and sit down to listen. I think they were visiting from another prison; dressed in civvies. I explained the narrative and that the overarching theme was not allowing one event to define the rest of your life. We played one of the new numbers; a slow jazzy song. We also did one of the catchy numbers. At one point there is a breakdown where there are only handclaps and “Sha-na-nas”. After the first round of these I turned to the staff and shouted “everybody!” They joined in! Not bad for a sober audience (I think) at about 10 am.

Be happy, be safe (and always find at least one joyful moment in every day).

Graham Coutts, 21st May 2017

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