2017-66-Arts Project

Hello friend

This week we are tying out a replacement for one of the guys, whilst he has no experience in performing in either in a show or even a band, he is confident that he will do a good job. He’s got a lot of hard work ahead to catch up. I’m hopeful that, with a little support and encouragement, he will nail it on the night.

The guys learnt another number. That only leaves 4 more to go. I am a little concerned about the amount of work we still have to do in the rehearsal time we have left.

There was a bit of negativity at the start as 6 of the guys have lost their weekday gym session. You’re allowed to have one ‘nice to do’ session per week, for example, gym, one of the library sessions like the reading group, or a chapel session, like the over 60s club. Unfortunately, activities are now, after 16 weeks, viewing the arts project as a ‘nice to do’.

The point was made that this is a project to benefit the prison community, not a personal relax and chill type of session. In fact, there is no relaxing or chilling involved; it’s stressful work. Plus, the guys all put time into this in their own time on their wings. This is yet another example of a decision being taken by people who are not in the possession of the full facts and creating yet more stress and unhappiness for those who are affected.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 6th May 2017

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