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Following on from the previous blog: this is an amended version of the blog I wrote on 2nd April 2017, which was subsequently returned to me, un-mailed, by Security (see previous blog). The parts they did not specify to be, allegedly, “known or believed to be false” I have written in speech marks.

“Another incident on B wing. Just before we were moved to afternoon activities the wing was invaded by scores of officers running to whatever had occurred; I’m still not sure but one guy was moved to segregation.

This is just one of several incidents that I am aware of happening recently. There was a scalding attack on this wing (there was another a few months ago).”

The amended section:

I am also aware that one guy was recently hospitalised (he is located next to someone I know). At the time, my sources indicated that this was a drug related incident; ’spice’. However, Security has confirmed, in writing, that this incident was not spice related. My sources also indicated that there were, in fact, 3 guys who had been hospitalised; again, Security have confirmed, in writing, that there were not 3 guys hospitalised, The final piece of information which Security confirmed, in writing, to be false that nobody had died. However, what was not challenged as false was that “one guy had a heart attack;” and, “I’m not aware of any spice-related incidents in this prison before; in fact, the only drug problem I’m aware of is prisoners selling their prescription medication.”

An addition to the original blog:

There was also a recent assault on B wing. Initially, I thought it was just another bout of fisticuffs, that is until I saw the guy who had been attacked. He had the most horrendous ligature marks all over the neck. He told me that his attacker was after the morphine patches he has on prescribed for pain. At one point, during the attack, he had blacked out. There is other information I have been given, by various sources, regarding the bigger picture behind this attack but there is little point in including this as, my experience tells me, Security will take action to suppress it.

On a more positive note, the gang which had been assembling on B wing over the past few weeks appear to have been broken up. Perhaps we will now have fewer drug-related incidents and violence.

Be happy, be safe (and don’t have nightmares).

Graham Coutts, 6th May 2017

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