2017-61-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

Finally, we’re getting somewhere. Governor […] met with me and 2 of the guys. Pretty much everything is resolved. I’m back doing the scoring, which is progressing much faster than anticipated; I’ve done another 4 songs. Choir issue sorted. Equipment being looked into internally and externally Number of performances (which had reduced from 4to2) being dealt with. Arts Council application going to be addressed this week. Meetings with me and woodwork (sets), textiles (costumes) and the art group are going be facilitated. Project Instrumental will be hired, regardless of external funding: and a whole raft of smaller issues was also resolved.

At least we now know the plan of action. He also made a commitment that either he or another manager will attend the rehearsals every other week to update the team. This is exactly what we need. This he did at this week’s rehearsals, which got the performance team back on board and re-motivated.

We had to dispense with the services of one of the guys as he had proved unreliable; but we’ve already got his replacement lined up. The final character that remained to be cast appears to be sorted. Unfortunately, we now only have 22 weeks left of rehearsal time; that’s only 33 hours of band and performer’s time together. There’s going to have to be a lot of personal time put into this on each respective wing.

The rehearsal this week concentrated on 2 songs; one which was proving tricky for some guys (the verses are in 7/4 time and coda has a 6/4 time bass over 4/4 – that’s one for any muso who is reading); the other was for the benefit of the person who was interested in the un-cast character (I think they must have liked the song as they appear to be on board).

I’m now feeling far more relaxed, less stressed, less fed up. I just hope all the commitments that have been made are followed through; I don’t think this project would survive another crisis. Here’s hoping…

Be happy, be safe (and, phew!).

Graham Coutts, 30th April 2017

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