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Hello friend,

You may have noticed that some of the blogs have been posted out of chronological order and some blogs are missing. This has been partly due to holding back the Arts Project blogs until we had performed the shows. Unfortunately, when all the Arts Project blogs were sent for posting a lot of the earlier ones weren’t included. They were sent and posted after the later ones.

There are also 11 blogs missing: 48 – 52; 56; 58; 60; 61; 66; 103. I can’t get to the bottom of what went wrong. There is a chain from when I post out my blogs: the prison; the Royal Mail; my typist (thanks mum); my blog ‘poster’ (thanks Gordon). It’d be so munch easier if we were allowed to post directly to the site from the prison; that’ll never happen in my lifetime.

Until we get the blogs back in order with the missing ones we have not been posting any more. They are still being sent out and typed up, so there’s a lot to add. Keep your eyes open for when we are back in order and look out for the missing blogs being posted in the correct chronological position.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 10th November 2017

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