Hello friend,

I never thought I’d be writing a blog entitled ‘caterpillar’.

I found a caterpillar in a head of lettuce. I named him Carlos. He spent the next few days eating and defecating all over the lettuce. I put his (I say ‘him’) in a plastic bag with some fresh lettuce leaves and he proceeded to crawl out; whereupon he nestled into a fold in the bag and spun a cocoon!

You can see into the cocoon and he’s turned brown and changed shape into a moth-like abdomen; although, I’ve no idea if he will metamorphic into a moth or a butterfly.

It is a bizarre but fascinating process. I’ll keep you posted on how Carlos progresses. I may have to change his name when he emerges; suggestions welcome.

Be happy, be safe (and enjoy the beauty of life).
Graham Coutts, 9th September 2017

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